Fred Thompson Gives Media a Right Fright

by Mike on July 7, 2007

in Election 2008,Media Bias

If early coverage of Fred Thompson’s campaign is any indication, the mainstream media are positively terrified of the prospect of a Fred Thompson presidency. This hit piece in particular is something that could have been written by the DNC itself. It attempts to link Fred Thompson with Richard Nixon and Watergate despite the fact that Thompson was the person who revealed the existence of White House secret recordings which eventually brought down the President.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  In addition to trying to link Thompson with Nixon, the hit piece also regurgitates the old Democrat political standby used when facing a formidable Republican opponent: call him stupid.

Fred Thompson gained an image as a tough-minded investigative counsel for the Senate Watergate committee. Yet President Nixon and his top aides viewed the fellow Republican as a willing, if not too bright, ally, according to White House tapes.

Some people never learn.  That’s what they said about Reagan too.

Liberals are perfectly free to argue that their Republican opponent is corrupt or stupid. It won’t work because they can’t credibly defend the position, but they have the right to at least try. What is out of bounds for liberals making such an argument is the concomitant attempt to present themselves as objective journalists. Most people see right through such bias; however, some swing voters who pay little attention to current events might not. That is where alternative media needs to step in.

Despite the infuriating nature of this hit piece, I am encouraged by its barely concealed desperation at this early stage of the campaign.  The AP is clearly as afraid of Fred Thompson as John Edwards is of a split end. Something tells me Fred Thompson would be a pretty decent President if the media is this troubled by him this early on.

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