Harry Reid on Iraq– The Ostrich Brigade Returns

by Ryan on July 9, 2007

in Politics,The Iraq Front

Senate Majority Leader and old wuss-bag Harry “The Body” Reid is up to his old antics again by trying to pressure President Bush to cut-and-run in Iraq citing new Republican defections to the cut-and-run, Ostrich Brigade strategy (put your head in the sand and the bad guys’ll just go away).  The Dems can sniff out the carcas of Bush’s Presidency and want to feast, bringing some RINOs with them.  The Baghdad Security Plan (aka “the Surge”) is only about a month old, yet these old buzzards in the Senate want to scramble for the hills because it is tough going and not showing immediate results that they like.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard has a few things to say to President Bush about this debate that I think the President needs to listen to.  The Dems are only doing this because their kook-fringe financiers demand that America turn tail and run, so Reid’s placating to that interest group at the expense of our active troops in the field, increasing America’s already soiled image in the region, and non-wacko members of the electorate (especially the Blue Dogs).  To Kristol, Bush needs to be stubborn on the issue of Iraq and avoid the temptation of a “Grand Bargain” on the war, which failed miserably on the illegal immigration issue and would be politically fatal to him if applied to Iraq in any way the Dems propose it.

I’m eerily starting to feel Bush is less like a Truman (despised by many, even in his party, at the time and embraced by many after the years had passed) and more like a Carter (weak, inconsistent and politically wobbly on the most important issues of the day and viewed as an inept leader in a time when we needed strength).  It pains me feel that it didn’t have to be this way.

Pic from The Upper Left blog.

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Stan July 11, 2007 at 5:15 am

Bush’s presidency combines the worst aspects of several previous presidents into a single package of overwhelming ineptitude, dishonesty, and narcissism….aided and abetted by a Congress more interested in political rhetoric than national security and rule of law. I suppose Bush will follow in his predecessors footsteps and seek to create a self-aggrandising presidential library and monument to his “leadership.” Fortunately, it won’t take much money to build a facility that houses only a few large-print children”s books and references to “secret” documents no one can access. And, it shouldn’t cost much to have a pile of cow-flop bronzed and placed as the enduring symbol of his administration. You’re correct…it didn’t have to be this way…but it is.


BillT July 11, 2007 at 10:32 am

“I’m eerily starting to feel Bush is less like a Truman (despised by many, even in his party, at the time and embraced by many after the years had passed) and more like a Carter”

You know, for all of our sakes, I hope your analysis on this one is wrong.


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