Interim Iraq Report on the Surge

by Ryan on July 12, 2007

in The Iraq Front

According to the Bush Administration, 8 of 18 “benchmarks” have been satisfactorily met in Iraq (pdf) during the Surge period, not the overall gloomy failure that was being reported earlier this week.  Yet, these benchmark successes deal mostly with the military, rather than the political side of things over in Iraq.  I think this is both good and not so good.  The Iraqis are taking it to the enemy and running more of their day-to-day operations, which is good, but the Iraqi Parliament has not passed a major political reform measure that was supposed to deal with oil revenues, electoral reforms, and debaathification.  This needs to change. 

Iraq must step things up or they’ll lose whatever political will Americans still have left to aid them.  I can accept that it is a difficult fight against the various bad guys in Iraq, but there has to be some substantive political payback on the side of the Iraqis!  If we see that their government cannot handle big decisions, then what else can we do for them?  Though the political battle over Iraq in Congress is often insincere and callous, it’s only going to get worse unless the Iraqi government can prove that it cannot only run a military, but run a country too.

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