Graham and Webb on “Meet the Press”

by Ryan on July 15, 2007

in Media Bias,Politics,The Iraq Front

This YouTube video of this morning’s debate between South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham and Virginia Senator Jim Webb on “Meet the Press” clearly demonstrates the difference between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of Iraq.  Initially, Graham allows Webb to speak his peace on his positions, then when Tim Russert asks Graham to respond, Webb repeatedly interrupts him and makes a personal swipe at “the hard month” Graham has had on immigration.  Then, as Webb is getting the last word, Graham and Webb talk over each other in a way that tries to make Graham look like the bad guy, which is consistent with Tim Russert’s standing philosophy that the Democrat position is the default correct one and the one we are left with before each break. 

However, this debate also demonstrates my feelings about the two parties right now:  Webb and the Democrat Party in general act like spoiled kids who think that if they whine long and loud enough they’ll get their way, while Graham and the Republican Party in general act like wimpy parents who know what they should be doing but succumb to the persistent whining of their children.  Webb whines about the polls and tries to sound informed, while Graham has the moral and constitutional high-ground, but plays Webb’s game instead of staying principled.  It’s sad that our troops are getting caught in the middle of the Democrat temper-tantrum and the Republicans on the verge of acquiescence.

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