John Edwards Finally Got It

by Mike on July 27, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

This alone won’t win him the nomination, but John “Gilderoy Lockhart” Edwards finally mastered the political maneuver necessary for his political survival.  He has finally co-opted She Who Must Not Be Named’s “I’d rather discuss issues without actually discussing issues” play.

The gist of this political play is that the liberal who must hide his/her/its political positions must first capitalize on an amusing but ultimately meaningless headline and then cry hysterically something like “This is ridiculous and a waste of time. I’d rather talk about health care, jobs, the environment etc.” In the process of course, they do not and would never discuss their proposals for such issues because their proposals involve unpopular solutions such as more regulations, higher taxes and intrusive government control. But by whining that they would rather discuss the issues rather than actually discussing the issues, the liberal creates the illusion that they are competent on said issues. When this play is used against a spineless Republican, it works.  If the Republican focuses on issues, not so much.

In this clip, Silky Pony capitalized on his haircuts which cost about the same as six iPods by whining about health care and the poor without mentioning the unpopular details of his proposals. He finally got it. It might not be enough, but he finally got it.

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Ryan July 28, 2007 at 10:09 am

It’s funny because he was talking about She Who Must Not Be Named and the kind of media smear campaign that they will foment. Of course, he’s afraid of her too so he mentioned being “swift-boated” to infer slimey Republicans are behind all this stuff without saying it, leaving the door open for anyone to interpret anything he says in any way they want. Typical lib.

What he may not get is that the Republicans would LOVE to run against this guy and while it’s easy to laugh at him, the alternative is much much scarier.


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