O’Bama is Naive

by Ryan on August 1, 2007

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This is why a Democrat should not be President in today’s day and age:  they simply don’t understand foreign policy and the selective use of force.  This story comes out today about the fact that Barry O’Bama would threaten to send US troops into Pakistan to root out terrorists by forcing Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to let us in to those tribal regions, while at the same time cutting off US aid to that country.  All this in response to She Who Must Not Be Named calling Barry naive on foreign policy (she’s one to talk!).  Well, I hate to say it, but she’s right!

Why?  I hate to sound condescending here, but this point should be obvious and I’ve repeated it here on Axis of Right numerous times.  Pervez Musharraf is fundamentally a general who calls himself “president” to placate the West.  He took power in a coup and has remained in power for two reasons:  he’s been tough but relatively fair to his political opponents (very few mass graves), and he tends to leave the radical tribal folks alone for fear of fomenting a countrywide rebellion against his government.  His power base amongst his populace is weak and based on the money and aid he gets from the US primarily.  Also, in case you didn’t know, Pakistan is a nuclear power.  So, if Musharraf’s government no longer gets money from the US and radicals force a revolution that takes over the government (which is the most probable outcome) then we would see overnight a radical Islamic regime with nuclear capabilites with ties to al Qaeda, the Taliban and every other major world terrorist organization.  Not fun.

Like it or not, Musharraf’s current approach is the lesser of all those evils and we should allow him to go into the tribal regions on his time frame, while trying to quietly negotiate American special ops missions on the border, which is what we have been doing.  Fifteen years ago this would not have been a problem, but since 1997 Pakistan has nukes, which makes the entire situation much more complicated.  O’Bama doesn’t seems to understand that, or he’s just trying to respond to SWMNBN in a way that will impress the far Left and, as the article states, make SWMNBN seem like “Bush-Cheney lite”.  Hardly.

MSDNC photo. 

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BillT August 1, 2007 at 1:07 pm

I read this and saw it as an over-reach. I think he’s scrambling to get back to the center after dangling off the precipice to the left. He’s a clever man and capable of diluting the impact of the last couple of weeks in the long term. He won’t win the primary by appealing to Republicans, so he’s gone hard left.

He just needed this headline for cover. He got it.


Chris August 1, 2007 at 11:18 pm

I agree with everything stated, but I would go a step farther and call him dumb. O’Dumbo’s (I am resurrecting Rush’s Obama moniker regarding the Maureen Dowd/Obama ear exchange…now the nickname has a double meaning) comments show thinking Americans that he has no foreign policy and is quite wet behind the ears (sorry about the pun).

Let us also remember that Pakistan and their next door neighbor, India, do not like each other very much and like Pakistan, India has nuclear weapons. If Musharraf is overthown by the radical islamists, not only is there the chance they will come after us, but there is a much stronger chance for a nuclear conflict in South Asia. I agree that he is the lesser evil and needs to stay in power not only for our success in the War on Terror, but also for the stability of South Asia.

We are starting to see the beginning of the O’dumbo implosion…SWMNBN and her people will pounce on this, thus accelerating the downward spiral and SWMNBN’s Democrat corronation and the media’s talking points of how she is ‘strong,’ ‘experienced’ and ‘determined in that she overcame a strong challenge’…and then she’ll pick O’Dumbo as the VP…that’s unless Algore doesn’t decide to jump in the race.

A SWMNBN/O’Dumbo ticket could be one of the most politically inexperienced (and scariest) in American history.


BillT August 2, 2007 at 8:55 am

I posted on this today. I think we’re judging democratic primary voters by our standards, and I think that doesn’t work. The democratic primary turns out some of the most radical elements of their party. Obama could easily sieze a few early wins, and those who aren’t paying too close attention could end up falling in with the “likely winner.” This candidate (Obama) could win the Democratic nomination.

Now that’s dangerous.


Mike August 2, 2007 at 11:32 am

I think the “foaming at the mouth” wing of their party is only part of their primary. Most of the people who actually vote, even in a Democrat primary, are still normal people. They are misguided people but still just people. Many of them don’t follow politics on a daily basis as we do. Many of them even think they’re moderate.

If the moonbats constituted a majority of the Democrat party, Howard Dean would have been their nominee. But they aren’t. Their just influential. Its a shame that they have had such a major influence on the party leadership, but their normal rank and file are just misguided normal people who believe most of what see on television.

The moonbat wing is certainly a major part of their party though. That wing can give a candidate a head start, in terms of money and organization, but She Who Must Not Be Named already has that built in advantage. Obama needs them, she does not.

On the whole, I agree with Ryan and Chris, but Bill’s point, at least to the extent of influence, bears watching. This Obama could conceivably win the nomination, but not if he keeps repeating statements like these. Most Dem voters are normal and misguided, not foaming at mouth.

Besides, SWMNBN’s money and organization will allow her to have the most effective 50-state strategy, which in effect can act as a firewall against early state momentum. Just as GWB had in 2000 despite losing NH by 19 points.


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