Oui Oui Sarkozy Part Sept Mille Trois Cent Quartre-Vingt-Deux

by Mike on August 6, 2007

in Europe,Politics

Even on vacation, Nicholas Sarkozy is giving normal Americans another reason to like the French. While Sarko was recently enjoying a little rest and relaxation on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee, some snot-nosed news photographer assumed that the President’s free time was his business. The French President would have none of it and reamed the photographer for invading his privacy. Pas mal. Any foe of the American media is a friend of mine.

Just as encouraging as Sarko’s anti-media leanings is the effect he and his vacation are having on his socialist opposition. Somehow feeling outdone by American liberals as of late, Madame Royal’s party has attempted to seize on Sarko’s vacation as an opportunity to sound just as petty as American liberals. Well, almost.

Reuters photo.

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