The New Republic Published Lies About Iraq

by Ryan on August 7, 2007

in Media Bias,The Iraq Front

War is bad enough; one doesn’t need to lie about it.  But apparently, that’s what ‘s been going on in the liberal magazine and online journal, The New Republic.  Three articles written by Private Scott Beauchamp were false, according to Beauchamp’s own statements under oath.  He exaggerated, lied or just made stuff up on most of his “Baghdad Diaries,” according to a military investigation.  None of his platoon could substantiate the morale-destructing claims he made in the various articles.  In fact some of his “Baghdad” anecdotes were from Kuwait!  He initially stood by his statements… until put under oath, then he sang like a bird.

Would you believe that no one seems as shocked as The New Republic editorial staff?  But here’s the real question in my mind:  did The New Republic want to believe Beauchamp?  We’ve seen the MSM’s desire to run our troops through the gutters with stories about Club Gitmo, Abu Graib, and Haditha (whose only evidence contrary to the US Marines were staged videos by local residents themselves).   It’s like the MSM, and Jack Murtha’s ilk, automatically believe our troops are sinister, evil things are happened because of an unjust war, and America should incessantly hang its head in shame.  I personally think that TNR wanted to believe Beauchamp and failed to substantiate anything he wrote thinking that everything he said must be God’s honest truth.  See, they only blindly believe soldiers who are against the war, and thereby, fit their own political agenda. 

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BillT August 7, 2007 at 11:35 am

Catch the definitive set of links and complete wrap up at Hugh Hewitt’s site. It will chap you and good, but it drives the point home clearly and concisely.


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