Michael Vick’s Guilty Plea

by Ryan on August 21, 2007

in Sports

This Fox Sports editorial by Kevin Hench really makes the point about Michael Vick’s guilty plea in the dogfighting scandal.  Once his friends turned on him, there was nothing left for him to do.  Now his career is officially in shambles.  Perhaps when this is all over he can fall back on whatever his Virginia Tech college degree was in… oh that’s right, he left as a sophomore.

So what now?  Will the sentence fit the crime?  I’m not sure.  Lately we’ve had judges who’ve gotten their jollies in either slamming or going easy on high-profile celebrities who have committed a crime.  For some, the plea deal will go too easy on him, to others too harsh.  I’d like to see him do some time (12-18 months would be nice), pay a fine ($250,000 would seem fair) and go through humiliating community service (in an orange jump suit if possible).  However, on top of that, I really want his career to end.  He’s sick man and needs to be made an example of as a deterrent to other sports celebrities.

AP photo.

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