Newt Advises Fred on Announcing Candidacy

by Ryan on August 25, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

Robert Novak has reported just such a thing in a Human Events political wrap-up piece posted today.  Fred Thompson is planning on participating in a Republican debate on September 27.  So, taking Newt’s advice, Fred plans to finally announce his candidacy online, following She Who Must Not Be Named’s model (I’m sure Fred will come off better in that medium).  Perhaps, Newt believes Thompson to be a viable conservative candidate– the only kind Newt said he’d support, and whose existence would prevent Newt from running.  However, if Fred crashes and burns, then Newt probably will run as the conservative alternative to Giuliani’s social liberalism.  Fred may also have been willing to sign off on Newt’s poll-tested conservative agenda that Newt’s been compiling since 2002.  It’s worth watching, but Fred really has to get moving on this whole campaign-thing.  It’s getting pretty late in the game.

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