Labour Revolt Over EU Constitution

by Mike on August 27, 2007

in UK Politics

For some time now, Gordon Brown has been risking his Labour party’s post-Blair bounce by arrogantly insisting that the UK adopt the EU Constitution without a referendum despite Labour’s most recent election manifesto promising one.  Until now, Labour’s worst case scenario resulting from their broken promise was the creation of an issue for the Conservatives to hammer at the next election. Things are much worse for Labour now.

According to the Telegraph, 120 Labour MPS are in revolt, demanding that Brown keep their party’s election promise.  This is a major test for Brown.  Unlike in the US, where party revolts are merely embarassing, losing a vote in the House of Commons can topple a government, leading to a nearly immediate election conducted in the aftermath of the governing party’s recent embarassment.  Brown will probably avoid this scenario.

Gordon Brown is probably savvy enough to weather this storm, either by fulfilling Labour’s promise to hold a referendum or by dropping the idea of an EU Constitution.  Hopefully, he’ll choose the latter.

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