Mitt Romney, Larry Craig and Rapid Response

by Mike on August 28, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

Mitt Romney helped his campaign today by turning a potentially embarrassing situation to his advantage. Before news of Larry Craig’s “There’s Something About Mary” audition, the Idaho Senator was serving as Romney’s campaign chairman. Naturally, Romney’s Republican opponents were ready to pounce, but Romney’s rapid response should squash any negative consequences.

Rather than defending the Senator or dryly admitting a mistake, Romney quickly condemned the Senator’s moral lapse and compared him to other perverts like Mark Foley and Bill Clinton. In addition to sending a message to Republican voters that he values morality, Romney’s statement shows an aptitude in the art of rapid response. With She Who Must Not Be Named resurrecting her husband’s infamous smear machine, effective rapid response will be a necessity in the upcoming general election. Any candidate who is incapable of effectively responding to negative news in real time is a candidate who could easily hand over the White House to the Democrats.

Whatever his other flaws may be, it is clear that Mitt Romney would not neglect his PR duties in the event he is nominated. That is something the GOP should keep in mind.

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