Mookie’s Mahdi Mayhem Muted

by Ryan on August 29, 2007

in The Iraq Front

Muqtada “Mookie” al Sadr’s Shiite militia group the Mahdi Army, a militia funded by Iran to harrangue Coalition forces and Sunnis in general, has called a six-month ceasefire to reorganize, “rehabilitate,” and regroup.  In the interim, they won’t be attacking the US or Coalition forces.  That’s nice of them, but there has to be something else going on than a simple unilateral disarming and cessation of violence. 

The sudden change in their mission is puzzling.  Yet:  the US leaves dozens of Mahdi forces dead everytime they engage us, local hospitals in the Baghdad region don’t admit people hurt in Mahdi clashes to their emergency rooms, their funding from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is probabaly drying up since the IRG is feeling a financial crunch, the Surge is working in areas where the Shiite Mahdi Army has tried to stir things up since February 2006, and opposing Shiite militias are fighting back against Mahdi influence. 

Perhaps all of these things are catching up with Mookie and his merry band of Shiite revenge squads.  Either way, this summer was supposed to see a new “Tet” from Iran and the militias, but instead, Iran’s feeling the financial squeeze, France is threatening to bomb them if necessary and the largest Shiite militia Iran finds in Iraq needs to rethink its approach or face extinction.   

AP photo.

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