Larry Craig Resigns

by Ryan on September 1, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

Idaho Senator Larry Craig finally bent to political pressure and annouced today that he will resign from the Senate on September 30.  He tried for the high-road, apologizing, noting his family and a need for minimum distraction in these troubled times, but stated that he has no control over what other people believe.  He did plead guilty back in June and according to the police report exhibited behavior consistent with profiles of gay men looking to hook-up in public bathrooms.  While he said he was not gay, the sheer appearance of a public indiscretion like this ultimately led to his resignation. 

However, the Democrats still worship Barney FrankAlcee HastingsCynthia McKinney, Patrick “Patches” Kennedy and William Jefferson, (not to mention William Jefferson Clinton) which bothers many Republicans.  I have an opinion about that double standard.  Republicans have shown at least since Bob Livingston, that they will resign their prestigious public posts due to bad personal behavior.  Democrats raise their socio-moral perps to new heights, ignore the scandal, or try to bury the issue altogether.  Amongst my liberal friends, the thought is that since the Dems don’t pretent to be moral, they don’t have to strive for those standards with any ill-effect, while Republicans, however, constantly talk about God and religion, so when they do something wrong Republicans are hypocrits and need to lose their jobs.  I agree on the second part, except the public should demand the same kind of accountablility from the Democrats too!  At least with Craig resigning the seat in Idaho is apt to remain Republican in next year’s election. 

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