Labor Day Kudos from the UN

by Ryan on September 3, 2007

in Culture

Happy Labor Day!  The unofficial end of summer is upon us, the political calendar is about to warm up, the last barbeques are fired up, pools will be covered up soon, and in the midst of all this, the American worker gets a day set aside by the government to say thanks.  

But we here in America don’t work for nothing.  The United Nations latest productivity report has American workers leading the world in productivity and amount of wealth created per hour of work.  America beats every member of the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, and even China!  Americans work hard, play hard, live well and kick ass in battle.  So, in these waning hours of Labor Day, we here at AOR give our kudos, along with the UN for a change, to the American worker for just plain being that awesome!

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