Margaret Thatcher Returns to Downing Street

by Mike on September 13, 2007

in UK Politics

Margaret Thatcher visited 10 Downing Street today, giving conservatives around the world a pleasant flashback and a momentary mirage of the way things ought to be. What a shame that Gordon wasn’t the one who was just visiting.

There is no consensus over whether Brown’s invitation to the Iron Lady was a shrewd political move. The BBC sees it as a blunder which will offend Labour’s rank and file. Readers at Conservative Home seem to disagree. They think the meeting was brilliant from a Labour point of view, especially given David Cameron’s recent departures from conservative principles.

Like our conservative British friends, I think it was great photo op for the Prime Minister. It will not cause a Labour backlash because left wing mental cases always do as they are told on election day; and conservative supporters will be reminded of the greatness that no longer leads their party. Moreover, Brown’s appearance with the greatest Prime Minister of my lifetime can only lend credibility to his ongoing centrist charade. Brown’s invitation was brilliant.

AP photo

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