The Patriots Get Slapped

by Ryan on September 13, 2007

in Sports

As a Patriots fan since before the Robert Kraft era, I was deeply disappointed to hear about my team being involved with cheating through use of banned video surveillance.  I’d like to believe that this is a new thing that wasn’t part of their recent past glory, but I can’t believe that completely even though the first allegation of this kind of videotaping was against Green Bay only last season.  Completely speculating, maybe not winning the Super Bowl the last two seasons made Belichick feel more desperate to win, coupled with having to face his old partner, Eric Mangini, in his own division twice a season (three times last year including the playoffs).  It’s no excuse and maybe I’m being a desperate fan, but there weren’t any of these allegations when the Pats were winning championships, only over the last few seasons when they were losing clutch games that denied them a chance at another Super Bowl ring.

So in response to the video evidence of cheating, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell slapped Bill Belichick with a $500,000 fine, the Patriots organization another $250,000 fine, and took away draft picks for next year: if they make the playoffs, it’s a first round pick they lose, if the Pats don’t make the playoffs, they’ll lose a second and third round pick in the 2008 Draft. 

Some will think that this is a mere slap on the wrist, others will think this is just right.  Some believe that suspending Belichick for a month or two would have been more appropriate than a monetary fine for a coach like him.  Others think that taking away draft picks over a number of years would have made a point to other teams who might try this in the future.  Some even want the Pats to forfeit the game last week.  I’m cool with the draft picks being taken away, but honestly I think that they should have fined and suspended Belichick.  The punishment has to hurt.  I think this one can be absorbed with embarassment, but without a lot of pain.

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BillT September 14, 2007 at 12:17 pm

The Patriots deserve whatever’s coming for 2 reasons:

First, there are few other ways for the NFL to get parity with the Randy Moss fueled Patriot offense, short of forcing them to play 10 men instead of eleven, so taking away draft picks is the next best.

Second, you guys dropped the intensely cool Pat the Patriot for some postmodern mishmash, incorporating silver with what should (if you’ll pardon the nod to reason) be a uniform that is red, white and blue. You’ve had it coming since that day.

If my guys can drop the creamsickle get up and go to a manly pewter and red powersuit, your guys can go back to looking all American. Do that and I’ll resent you less. I just wish the Pats hadn’t been in the tank in ’02-’03. Would have loved to have seen a prime condition Tampa 2 defense with Brooks, Sapp and Lynch up against the anti-Christ you people refer to as “Tom.”


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