Pressure Building On Gordon Brown to Call an Election

by Mike on September 24, 2007

in UK Politics

Several Labour MPs are calling on Gordon Brown to call a snap election. With Labour riding high in the polls, many marginal backbenchers realize that their best chance of keeping their jobs is to fight an election battle before people remember why it is they were disaffected with Labour in the first place. After all, the Brown bounce can’t last forever, can it?

It wasn’t too long ago that David Cameron’s Conservatives were riding high in the polls and openly salivating over the prospect of running against Gordon Brown. Labour’s popularity during Tony Blair’s final days in Downing Street were nothing to brag about and Cameron seemingly succeeded in redefining the Conservative brand. Obviously our Conservative friends expected the new Prime Minister to enjoy a some sort of bounce after becoming Prime Minister but unfortunately for them, what went up still hasn’t come down. In fact, Labour’s lead over the Conservatives has increased since Brown took over back in July. It just might make sense for Brown to call an election even though he only recently achieved his life-long ambition.

But there’s the rub. Although Brown’s best chance to lead Labour to victory is right now, victory is never certain in politics. I think Gordon might be a little reluctant to risk his life-long ambition. The longer he waits though, the more likely he is to lose. This is quite a dilemma. Whatever Gordon decides to do, it would be wise to keep that referendum promise. Otherwise, the British map could turn bluer than people think.

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