Sarko’s My Boy!

by Ryan on September 25, 2007

in Politics

In an uncharacteristic amount of French diplomatic assertiveness and clarity, President Sarkozy used his first speech in front of the UN General Assembly to get real with Iran and their nuclear ambitions.  The line of the speech in my opinion was, “Weakness and renunciation do not lead to peace.  They lead to war.”  To Sarko, a nuclear Iran would create an unacceptable risk to regional stability.  He seems to recognize what appeasement looks like.  While he’s not ready to start bombing, his “firmness and dialogue” approach is a far cry from the mamby-pamby appeasement-laden Chirac government.  He’s leaving the door open for sanctions to really work– without any teeth, however, nothing will stop Iran from getting nukes and threatening to use them.

AP photo.

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Mike September 25, 2007 at 7:39 pm

What a pleasant surprise. Sarko gets an A+ on explanation of values. He is a French President though. The true test, which will hopefully never happen, will be when he needs to apply those values to a difficult situation.


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