Iran’s Calling Our Army “Terrorists”

by Ryan on September 29, 2007

in Politics,The Iraq Front,War on Terror

In a “non-binding” resolution, the Iranian puppet parliament has labeled the CIA and the US Army “terrorist organizations.”  I guess my brother is a terrorist, then.  I guess the world’s beacon of freedom, trying to spread democracy, self-rule, and extend globalization’s reach creating a more interdependent, and thereby united, international community is a terrorist organization, but an oppressive religious theocracy which wants to have a new Holocaust while denying the old one, which bans dozens of political parties that it doesn’t like, which sponsors known terrorist groups like Hezbollah, and wages a proxy war against the United States in Iraq and Israel from Lebanon and Syria… well they aren’t.  I happen to disagree with that subtle distinction. 

Iran’s puppet parliament is only doing this in response to Bush and Congress classifying the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization because of the terroristic activities of the IRG.  I’m sure that there are lefty-loons who would defend viewing US soldiers and CIA as terrorists, since they view the American military as the source of the world’s problems, not the solution in most cases.  I wonder if Mahmoud’s puppets used the idea of a “non-binding” resolution to stand in solidarity with the Democrats, who love to grandstand without any teeth to stand behind their convictions.  Probably not.

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