William Hague’s Comeback?

by Mike on September 29, 2007

in UK Politics

It’s no secret that I’m a William Hague fan. His moral clarity would be an asset to the UK and the world, and his brand of political theater is rivaled by few.  For quite some time now, I’ve been hoping for and even predicting a Hague comeback in which he re-gains his position as leader of the British Conservative Party, wins a general election, and moves into Number Ten. I’m happy to say this idea is no longer far-fetched. In fact, he is now favored to be the next Tory leader.

It’s true that Hague lost badly to Tony Blair’s Labour Party in 2001, but it wasn’t really his fault. Blair was a phenomenal and wildly popular politician in 2001. Hague on the other hand, took over the Conservative Party after its worst defeat in over a century and presided over them while they divided beyond belief. If he does get a second chance, I have no doubt he would win.

The following clip is a humorous exchange between Hague and former Deputy Prime Minster John Prescott (think of a belligerent and funny Ted Kennedy without the bridge incident) from about a year and a half ago. Hague was filling in for David Cameron at the time. Maybe next time he’ll be replacing him.

Hat Tip for Link #2: Conservative Home.

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