Representative Jo Ann Davis Dies of Breast Cancer

by Ryan on October 7, 2007

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My workplace had a denim and pink pin day on Friday, and the NFL is providing pink towels during this week’s games to raise awareness of this killer.  The facts about breast cancer are frightening:  in 2005, approximately 502,000 people died of the disease worldwide, and is expected to cause over 49,000 deaths in the USA this year alone.  In rare cases breast cancer can also affect men, yet is still the third leading cause of cancer death in America.  It’s also much easier to treat the earlier it is diagnosed and depending on the ferociousness of the cancer cells.  Get that yearly mammogram! 

Many of us know someone who has either had breast cancer, is struggling through it or has a tumor worth watching.  It’s a very real thing for me since it is in my family.  Unfortunately, Virginia Representative Jo Ann Davis lost her two-year battle with breast cancer yesterday.  She died at a very young age 57.  She was the first woman elected to Congress from Virginia back in 2000 and introduced a bill assuring a life insurance payment for soldiers who die in the line of fire.  A good woman, like too many good people, has been lost to this cancer.  My sympathies go out to her family, but also to everyone else affected either directly or indirectly or who has known someone personally who has died of breast cancer.

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