Musharraf Survives Chopper Scare, but can he Survive an Election?

by Ryan on October 8, 2007

in Politics,War on Terror

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is OK after one of three military helicopters in his convoy crashed in the Kashmir region due to “technical” problems.  He and his aides were touring a region severely struck by an earthquake two years ago that killed an estimated 80,000.  Four military officials were killed and suspicions of yet another assassination attempt are being muted at this time.

Musharraf’s navigating through some tough waters nowadays.  He was just reelected in a huge landslide last Saturday, which the opposition boycotted due to legal concerns (hence the landslide– having only one party participate always helps a dictator’s chances of being reelected!).  See, Musharraf is still a “general” so his legal eligibility is being mulled over by the Supreme Court.  He took over in a 1999 coup and has stuck around for 8 years, hoping for a new (and constitutionally sound) five-year term in which he has promised that he will step down as general and be a civilian leader.  Musharraf is a major ally of the United States in the War on Terror and has continued to pledge his support for an aggressive crackdown on extremists.  If he wanted to be a real friend, what he should do is allow us two months in Waziristan to take out the trash.

AP photo.

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