Armenian Genocide Recognition May Have to Wait

by Ryan on October 10, 2007

in Politics

International politics is a tricky thing sometimes.  The House of Representatives is expected to narrowly vote out of committee a symbolic resolution that would declare the Turkish murder of over a million Armenians over 90 years ago as a “genocide.”  The Turks, as you can imagine, are not very happy with this, calling the whole genocide accusation “an international, imperialist, and historical lie.”  Tell that to the 1.5 million dead Armenians singled out for murder because of their race, ethnicity and religion, and also the tens of thousands of others who were forcibly deported back in 1915-1916 by the “Young Turk” influenced Ottoman Empire.  There is enough proof to justify the claims, so the Turks should own up and we should not be afraid to stick it to them.  Turkey’s story is that the numbers of dead have been inflated and any killing there was had to do with a civil war and other kinds of civic unrest during the period. 


The timing of this is quite poor and our State and Defense Departments understand this, as Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates discussed the issue this morning.  We need Turkey’s permission to move much needed men and equipment from Europe to Iraq over Turkish airspace.  Most of the fuel we need for combat operations in Iraq comes from Turkey.  We need Turkey to restrict its raids into Iraqi Kurdistan or risk yet another war in the region, this time involving a NATO ally versus a government we helped to form.  Thousands of Turks have staged protests at our embassies and the government has even urged that this bill just go away.  Bush agrees with the Turkish government and its narrow committee support could doom the bill as pressure rises.  Though that position doesn’t square well with the moral high-ground, it probably works for the shaky political situation in a very unstable part of the world not to bring up a 90+ year old argument just as Iraq is probably turning the corner. 

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rightonoz October 10, 2007 at 5:55 pm

Hi Ryan,

Have to agree 100%.

It would be great if we could all make a statement that it happened and time for Turkey to fess up and admit so, though free to say it was a previous generation/administration and they are committed to ensuring it never happens again, or something along those lines.

As you say, not the right moment in history to bash the point home.

Hopefully as the region calms down it will be. Just wish the bleeding heart libs were smart enough to recognise the reality.



Ryan October 10, 2007 at 6:46 pm

Hey Oz,

What has struck me is no President or Congress has passed one of these resolutions in 92 years! I found out that the American ambassador to the Ottoman Empire back then, a guy named Morganthau, did everything he could to help the displaced Armenians, even getting some of them to the USA. While other countries, like France, recognize the slaughter, Americans were there actually doing something about it! I thought that was a neat detail.


Sal October 11, 2007 at 9:46 am

This goes right along with the idea that Democrats value symbolism over anything substanitive. What good does it do to bring up this argument and pass a meaningless condemnation of the actions of people who are all dead? I don’t see the Democrats ocndemning the actions of Pol Pot’s regieme (unless comparing American soldiers to him), Iran’s suppression of human rights, Sadaam Hussein’s blood fields, etc. Yet the party that claims to be more “global” is now making a diplomatic faux pas that could harm our efforts in the region. Limbaugh is right when he says that they own defeat.


rightonoz October 11, 2007 at 5:47 pm


Though I do disagree on some items, and vocally I do recognize that there have been times when Americans stepped in to take action per you example Ryan and the extremely important, US pilots in the RAF at the start of WWII. It may not have changed the course of the war but it was an immense contribution while politicians were sitting wringing their hands.

Don’t ever take my disagreements as aimed at Americans per se, just politicians/rogue judges and the odd ingrained insular attitude.

“some of my best friends are Americans” – that’s actually a fact!

Mike, I stand corrected on the Juvenile death penalty, from 2005 onwards, which I sort of acknowledged last message. On the 13yr old, that was on our TV, and if my memory doesn’t desert me it was a US program – CNN or some such, however a long look over the site you mention, and one on botched executions makes no mention of 13 at time of crime. I withdraw any such suggestion.


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