God Comes Back to the Capitol

by Ryan on October 11, 2007

in Culture,Politics

A story that’s been getting some buzz lately has been about the Architect of the Capitol censoring a personalized inscription on a flag certificate designed for 17-year old Andrew Larochelle of Dayton, Ohio, as a gift to his grandfather Marcel.  The part censored was the word “God” which was used in an inscribed reference “to God, country, and family” on the certificate.  Responding to Larochelle’s complaint, his representative, Michael Turner (Republican, of course), wanted to get to the bottom of this.  Acting Architect Stephen Ayers said that according to rules codified in 2003, religious expressions are not allowed on flag certificates, so he censored it.  As this issue began to grab attention, House Minority Leader John Boehner sent a letter to San Fran Nan on this issue expressing both his own and the public’s disgust over this censorship, about which she seemed a bit too passive.  Ayers blinked and the policy is going to be reviewed immediately.

The God/prayer issue is very touchy to people in Congress, but not a very big deal to most of the American people.  We are a religious nation, we have religious roots, and pride ourselves on religious freedom, but lately our freedom of religion has been turned into freedom from religion by a loud minority of elites and insecure atheists, thereby alienating 90+% of the population that believes in a god.  There’s a knee-jerk reaction to these kinds of arbitrary censorship of all things religious in the public sphere, be it at football games, in student-led school groups or in having “Merry Christmas” in your store window.  I think there should be a serious reaction to these kinds of things to raise awareness and expose America’s true feelings on the issue of religion.   

Note: in the above picture, our popularly elected members of the Federal government are singing “God Bless America.” Getty Images photo.

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