Truth Matters Nothing to Media Matters

by Mike on October 13, 2007

in Media Bias,Politics

Media Matters is on a roll lately when it comes to lying about prominent conservatives. First, they took Bill O’Reilly’s words grossly out of context to falsely accuse him of being a racist. Then they took Rush Limbaugh’s words grossly out of context to falsely accuse him of insulting the military. Most recently, they took Ann Coulter’s statement of Christian doctrine grossly out of context to falsely accuse her of being anti-semitic. Newsbusters does a great job of dissecting that smear.

The Coulter hit piece is the third time in recent weeks that Media Matters has been caught distorting the truth to undermine prominent conservatives. Normally, three strikes means your out, but MM will stick around. Too many leftist sheep in the MSM and elsewhere will continue to eat up their brand of deception, but luckily this isn’t the 90s anymore. Even though the left owns the MSM and has an internet presence, conservatives now have media outlets too. That more than anything is the right’s best hope of stopping She Who Must Not Be Named next year.

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