Air America’s Hit-job

by Ryan on October 16, 2007

in Media Bias,Politics

Randi Rhodes, the pseudonym of an Air America talk-show host, was struck and apparently took a hard fall during a walk near her Manhattan home.  We really don’t know much more than that at this moment.  Rhodes uses a pseudonym because she fears the vast right-wing may besmirch her real name, family and/or reputation.  So in a seemingly knee-jerk reaction by Jon Elliott, another talk show host on the Air America network, the attack was posed as a possible “attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own.” He goes on: “Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we’re winning? Are they trying to silence intimidate us?”

Wow!  Was Elliott serious?  Rhodes filed no police report as of yet and she did not go to the hospital, despite the claims that the attack cost Rhodes some of her teeth.  To be fair, Air America has distanced themselves from Elliott’s allegations because, of all things, the truth is absent from them and they were reckless.  The truth is that we don’t know anything accept that a woman was allegedly hurt in Manhattan and she is going to miss some work. 

This knee-jerk anti-right-wing reaction shows the depth of Air America’s demagoguery, insinuating that right-wingers are roaming the streets trying to attack liberal “freedom fighters” like Randi Rhodes.  Who the heck is Randi Rhodes anyway?  I generally make it a point to have my finger on the pulse of the “right-wing” and I can tell you anecdotally, Air America is a joke, not a serious intellectual threat, and even so, the right-wing chats about issues and ideas, not hit-jobs on unknown radio hosts.  In truth, if I didn’t have a friend who is one of the five listeners to Air America, I wouldn’t know her name either!  Whoever the perp is, they need to be dealt with as severely as anyone who strikes a person without cause and I hope whatever the problem is, Rhodes is alright.  But there’s the catch:  we don’t even know to what extent there was a perp in the first place since no police report has yet been filed!  In the words of the police: “do not investigate things that are unreported.”  And they call the right-wing reactionary!

UPDATE:  Word has is that she fell while walking her dog.  The third link found above has more on that.  Hat tip to Drudge for the link.

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Matt Thomas October 16, 2007 at 4:29 pm

Randi Rhodes, the pseudonym of an Air America talk-show host, was struck and apparently took a hard fall during a walk near her Manhattan home.

Ehh, her pseudonym wasn’t struck. She was. Perhaps you meant “the pseudonymous Air America talk-show host?”


Ryan October 16, 2007 at 4:40 pm

Very true! Good spot. Sorry about the grammatical SNAFU, but since you pointed it out I’d have a hard time changing it now! j/k

On the issue of her on-air name, I can understand a certain need for some to keep whatever off-stage identity that one can, but part of the game is putting oneself out there to voice your opinion and take the heat for it, on grammar or substance. I have actually overheard some of her programs and she speaks well, but she’s the typical liberal anti-Bush anti-war type who looks at every action of the Right as a potentially suspicious attempt to drive America a step towards fascism. It’s a little too much, and hurts her credibility beyond her target audience in my opinion. But I am a proud memebr of the vast right-wing conspiracy, so maybe I’m a little biased!


TRM October 16, 2007 at 6:52 pm

This sounds like a publicity stunt.. we all know liberal radio does not attract advertisers, therefore makes no money,,,,, probably another Soros funded junkette…


Bob October 17, 2007 at 6:56 pm

This sounds all too familiar. We just saw an incident at Columbia where a professor the noose was on her door. I believe these people are so infactuated with victim status that they will stop at nothing to attain it. If they don’t have facts they will make them up to support their politically correct agenda. It seems like yesterday Twana Brawley (misspelled, but she was a hoax anyway, so I am excused) made up a whole story that the drive bys ran with just to make their racist claims. I guess the nature of the charge is more important than the quality of the evidence.


Chuck April 13, 2008 at 7:47 pm

Actions speak louder than words and we don’t need to look much further than the price of gas; the lack of WMD; the fall of the dollar and Wall Street; record breaking debt so big you couldn’t count to the number by one’s if you tried for the rest of your life; and a President that can’t even tell lies very well. Forget about the Right and Left and let’s start talking about how we can put the country back together again (yes, again). America (USA) used to stand for everything good and rightious. It’s a shame we’ve lost our standing in the world as a moral and financial corner stone so quickly. Let’s be really honest and admit who is to blame. Last but not least; if anyone out there thinks they belong to the “middle class, or even the “Upper Class,” I say your fooling yourself. I say, the most powerful people in the world (the few of them) have little use for you/us except to enslave you without you knowing it. I believe it takes very little “common sence” for the common man to look at the condition of our country and not realize we’re in a very dangerous time. Let’s only hope my man Obama is elected (no way Hillary), only then shall we hope to recover/reclaim this country from the “Super Rich Elete.”


Mike April 13, 2008 at 9:08 pm

So you claim to oppose deficits but support a candidate who opposes lowering tax rates to increase revenues (like JFK, Reagan and W did) but supports spending even more money than Bush did? Now that makes alot of “sence” you call it?


Chuck April 13, 2008 at 10:21 pm

Well Mike, you mentioned lowering tax rates to increase revenue. I was pretty young (born 1956) when JFK was in office and I’m not too sure just how great a president he was; he did mix it up with the Rat-Pack, most likely had extramarital relationships, etc., but I do recall Regan’s Trickle Down Theory. That really didn’t work did it.
The first question I would like to ask you is; Do you have more money in your pocket as a result of Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy few? If yes; then I would assume (at a risk) that you are either one of those Super Rich, or work for one of their corporations. And by-the-way; what about those corporations that have off-shore offices? (Do you think I like paying taxes!?) Do you believe in equal taxation to support a government that protects you and educates your children, etc? Do you believe that everyone paying in to one health policy could support health care for the entire nation (as many other countries has shown true)?
It’s part of that common sence thing to know that if you throw good money after bad you’ve just thrown away more money. A good joke about that is, ” If you loan $20.00 to a friend and never see them again, it was probably money well spent.” So even though I’m a small business owner (a contractor god-forbid!) I do support investing money, ie. paying taxes, to support my country/government even if I don’t directly bennifit from it. A selfish reason for this would be to have better educated employees; fewer reasons for an employee to make false Workman’s Compensation claims; employees that aren’t as sick; not showing up because they have to work two jobs to support their families or sick children (What? You think I can afford to pay for their Health Care!?)
There are so many bennifits that are returned to us as a society when we unite and share the wealth with all of it’s people. I’ll finish up with a thought about the “trickle down theory” you seem to favor by stating; the $600.00+ refund/rebate to taxpayers this year will bennifit only big corporations (again). It may help spring-board the economy back into some kind of life (might) but it won’t do much for the poor and hungry; not for long; will it?
My feeling about the Trickle Down Theory reminds me of the sensation I would get if someone pissed on my leg; it’s warm at first but then gets cold and smelly. So it’s a theory with an appropriate name.

So here we are heading towards ump-teen trillion dollars of debt; gas and oil companies with record profits a broken economy and your worried about spending more money than Bush!? For Christ sakes man, just how much health care do you think that could buy; how many schools it could build; how many lives could it have saved? And what about those dead soilders that have mass funeral services because it’s more “cost efficient” than one service at a time? Don’t you think something is amiss when the President is too afraid to even show the coffins coming home!? The guy is heartless; no better than a common thug. (just my thoughts and about 75% of the rest of the country’s Mike, it makes paying taxes sound pretty trivial huh?)


Mike April 16, 2008 at 8:54 pm

So rarely has someone written so much while saying so little. As I mentioned before, which you didn’t address other than with a rhetorical question, massive spending is what causes deficits. Lower tax rates increase revenues. If you look at the Reagan rhetoric rather than listening to Air America, you’d know that and probably a lot more.

Your response to my comment about the relation of tax rate increases/decreases to revenues did not address the relation of tax rate increases/decreases to revenues. It did not mention the role of spending on deficits. All you did with your response to my comment was to change the subject from the role of taxes and spending on deficits to (1) the war which you’re also wrong about; (2) your pathetic envy of those more successful than you; and (3) your disturbing habit of allowing others to urinate on your leg.

How about next time, you try to defend your positions after they’ve been refuted. Then again, it is typical for liberals to change the argument after losing the argument.

As for what I believe, I believe that people who work hard everyday shouldn’t have to subsidize fat bastards who choose to sit on their asses all day playing video games, listening to Randi Rhodes and eating Doritos.


Ryan April 17, 2008 at 7:04 pm

Well put Mike.

Simple economics. If the government spends more money, our deficits will increase. Bush was horrible when he approved budgets with huge pork-barrel spending increases. The only way Reaganomics can work is if tax cuts are combined with spending cuts until the revenues start producing surpluses. At that point, one needs to reevaluate our spending priorities and attack the next budget with equal fervor.

That being said, this is not going to be a change election. Obama is 1/2 black (which is a change), but a big spending Lib. She Who Must Not Be Named is female (which is a change) but also a big spending Lib. John McCain hasn’t the foresight to see that they system itself is broken, so any solution that tries to fix the system will bear the impurities of the host, but he’s the lesser when looking at those two other clowns.


Chris April 18, 2008 at 7:31 am

I am so tired of hearing “change, change, change” when it comes to this election. What we have here in America is good…sure it’s not perfect, but it’s better than everyplace else. The kind of change that SWMNBN/Obama want is a slide toward socialism. France tried it in 1980 with Mitterand and we see that didn’t work…and now with Sarkozy over there, they won’t go back as long as he’s in power. Chuck, you seem quite angry about a few things (Better be careful or you might be closed minded and turn to guns and religion, as your guy says), but I’m going to address a couple of things you stated:

1) “Tricke down economics”: Let’s face fact…the rich pay the majority of the taxes in this country…if they have extra money, they will be able to put it back into the economy through their purchases and job creations at their company. The way it goes for the most part (at least for me anyway) is that I was given jobs by someone rich…you try to act jealous and demean them when they are the ones that are working hard to help our country to succeed. Bush’s tax cut (which wasn’t enough by the way) lowered taxes for the poor (the bottom bracket of earners in the country DO NOT EVEN PAY A FEDERAL INCOME TAX!!!) It also helps small business owners since they have a lowered tax burden. Lower taxes means more money in everyone’s pockets as we have so deftly stated.

2) Universal Health Care: I ask you, Chuck, why are foreigners coming into this country because of cancer treatment, heart surgery, etc? It’s because, those state run health services don’t have the manpower, knowhow or technology to treat their people. We have all of those in the US…some of the best cancer and heart hospitals in the world are located in the NY Metro Area (Sloan, Robert Wood Johnson, St. Barnabas, to name a few). The fact that they are privately run allows for competition, which allows for research and development to take place and in turn, patients’ health to improve…it is because of the US Health Care System that certain treatments have become so effective and improved lives (e.g. open heart surgery, cancer treatments, etc) As we have seen time and time again, government run entities become stagnant because they realize they have nobody to compete against, thanks to the laws they’ve made. And again, we’re not perfect, but we are much better off than most European States. I will leave you with one question: How is it that UPS can find all its customers, but ICE cannot find the illegals in the US? As we have seen, what ever the government touches, turns bad and I can tell you this much, I’m not going to be crossing the border to Canada for healthcare any day soon.

I hope, Chuck, that I was able to educate you on the basics of why liberalism is a failure and hope that you are able to perk up when the Republicans win in 2008 and take a further turn away from the socialism that you so love.


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