Terror in Pakistan

by Ryan on October 18, 2007

in War on Terror

Former Pakistani Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto returned from exile today in front of a crowd in Karachi of roughly150,000 supporters.  There was a massive security contingent for the procession, but that did not stop terrorists from setting off a small, then a large, bomb killing 30 (at this point) and wounding 100.  Bhutto was unhurt in the blast.  She has recently been viewed as a symbol of normalcy after eight years of Musharraf’s military rule over the country.  Many Pakistanis believe that the situation that propelled Musharraf to power has passed and Bhutto, with other high-profile exiles, are a path towards civilian rule. 

So, who did this?  Musharraf’s people?  Probably not, since Bhutto the martyr would be worse for him than Bhutto the anything-else.  Al Qaeda?  Probably them or some other Islamist group.  If Bhutto was killed it would show a continued need for military rule (which the people are getting sick of), it would also inflame the factions and spark more unrest.  The two-bomb modus operandiis an al Qaeda trademark.  Either way, Bhutto just experienced the life and times of Pakistan during the War on Terror. 

AP photo.

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