California Continues to Burn

by Ryan on October 23, 2007

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The big story on all the networks and the Internet over the past two days has been the swiftly spreading wild fires that are ravaging Southern California.  About 518,000 people have already been evacuated form their homes, 1300 known structures have been ruined, 45 people have been injured including 16 firefighters who were hurt battling the blaze, hotels have been opened up to help the displaced, and people are even seeking refuge in the San Diego Charger’s Qualcomm Stadium

Hot temperatures, dry conditions and those notorious Santa Ana winds (which can gust from 70-100 mph) are the culprit for making this incident a full-blown disaster that has already torched an estimated 583 square miles as of this moment: an area larger than New York City and nearly half the size of Rhode Island.  President Bush and the Governator are already responding to the needs of the people at this time (thought I should at least get that on the record, you know, just in case), declaring seven counties a disaster area to speed up federal aid and sending in the National Guard, respectively. 

The weather is calling for more of the same for the next few days so we hope and pray for the the locals and first-responders during this difficult and tragic time.

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Chris October 23, 2007 at 10:12 pm

You were right…they’re already starting! Dingy Harry is blaming global warming and Senator Chihuahua is blaming Bush. Blah, blah, blah…I think the hot air of the liberals is more detrimental to global warming and they should instead be focusing on public prayer for the victims of these fires and thank the heroes that are trying to stop them.


Ryan October 24, 2007 at 3:03 pm

Yeah, but did you hear that when asked two-minutes later about his “One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming” statement by a female member the MSM, he tells her that he never said global warming was a reason! Two-minutes! No one called him on it yet and I’m not holding my breath.

Can’t they wait one week before injecting the global warming hyteria into all of this! There have been wildfires before and there would have been wildfires even if we signed Kyoto, it’s just that people never used to live in these areas to be affected to this degree. Thank negligent planning boards in the cities and towns for allowing homes to be built everywhere in a constant struggle to get more property tax income. When an inevitable natural crisis like this comes, more and more people are affected. It’s simple math.

People live in San Fransisco, but it’s in an earthquake zone. People live in Florida, but it’s in a hurricane zone. People live in New Orleans and it’s below sea-level in an area that gets hit by hurricanes. People live in Nebraska, but there are tornados out there. Pople live on or near the Mississippi River, but it floods every 4-5 years. People live in Massachusetts, but they get Nor’easters every few years.

The economic benefit of living in these areas outweighs the potential for disaster, plus they’re in great spots. So as long as people live in homes somewhere in America, a natural disaster is bound to strike. That’s just the way of things. 4 years ago this same region got nailed by wildfires, but people came back because they love living out there. Plus it’s not raining fire everyday. Just in the minds of the global warming nuts who blame every single aspect of everything on global warming. They’re actually kind of funny. There have been records of “Santa Ana” winds for centuries. Those evil SUV’s, George W. Bush, and a reluctance to sign Kyoto did not cause them.


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