Romney’s Amusing Blunder

by Mike on October 29, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

Executive experience is an important asset for a Presidential candidate and rightly so. After all, the Presidency is the most important executive position in the world. The President is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, the supervisor of the Cabinet-level department heads, the person who nominates Supreme Court Justices, and is the our representative to the world. Having experience in running something, whether it is a state, a major city, or even a corporation can come in handy when running the country. For this reason, it is perfectly legitimate to question one’s opponents’ executive experience.

That is exactly what Mitt Romney has been doing quite effectively against She Who Must Not Be Named in the last month or so. Unfortunately, Romney got a little too clever in a recent interview with Sean Hannity. Comparing any of other candidates, especially John Edwards, would have been funny. Well, comparing SWMNBN, our former President’s wife, to an intern is funny too, but it’s also counterproductive. It only gives her Death Eaters another opportunity to complain that they would rather discuss issues without actually discussing issues.

I’d rather have the SWMNBN campaign trying to defend his candidate’s socialist tax-and-spend policies than whining about how Romney had to bring up the fact that the former President was so gaga over SWMNBN that he had to indulge in cigar sessions with the fat chick in the blue dress.

Comparing SWMNBN to an intern was pretty funny, but it wasn’t Romney’s “A game.”

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