Democrats Poor Record

by Ryan on October 30, 2007

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This Politico article quote regarding the “revised” SCHIP bill says it:

“They spent $1.5 million through their various shill outreach groups attacking me and a handful of my colleagues,” Rep. Ric Keller (R-Fla.) said before the Hoyer meeting, “but they did not spend five minutes to approach me to ask for my vote.”

People are noticing.  Despite the “outreach” effort, the Dems led by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, only switched one Republican vote which happened to be against the new measure!  With abysmal approval ratings, now even Mr. “New Tone,” President Bush, is coming out and taking them to task!  The 110th Congress is a disaster.  Here’s George today:

“The House of Representatives has wasted valuable time on a constant stream of investigations, and the Senate has wasted valuable time on an endless series of failed votes to pull our troops out of Iraq.”

With the Dems looking for something other than a slightly higher minimum wage (woo hoo?) to run on next year, they are going to need some real legislative accomplishments, not just window dressing.  That’s where the Republicans have to come in and demanded compromise to stem the tide of liberalism, and create a road back to the more responsible government philopsophy in which they once believed.  The Republicans can help to foment an anti-incumbency mood between now and next year if they stay consistent and on the offensive against the politically weak Dems in Congress.  She Who Must Not Be Named, however, is another concern altogether, but having a Republican Congress to stymie her blatant socialism would be critical if the worst-case scenario were to take place.

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kip152 October 30, 2007 at 4:47 pm

What do you mean by “stem the tide of liberalism”? On one hand you say the Democrats haven’t done anything, on the other, you seem to be mortified by how they’ve destroyed the country. They’ve compromised on SCHIP three times already, what more do you want?


Mike October 30, 2007 at 6:49 pm

It’s obvious if you read the post. The Dems haven’t done anything because the Republicans have stemmed the tide of liberalism. It’s not that the Democrats have ruined the country (which Ryan never said by the way, but then again, you didn’t read the post). This country is too great a country to be destroyed by a political party.

What we want is a Congress that does not waste taxpayer dollars and does not fall captive to the misleading idea that government is the answer to our problems. The Republicans fell into that trap in 2006 and rightly paid the price. Now we want the Democrats to have their turn.

And by the way, the Democrats have not compromised. Compromise results from negotiation. How could Hoyer have been negotiating with those oposing the bill if he just made his first approach. Or did you not read that part either?


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