Just Prove Who You Are.

by Mike on November 6, 2007

in Politics

With another election year fast approaching, the issue of voter fraud is sure to rear its ugly head. While it is always the Democrats who play the role of sore losers while demanding reform, they are also the party that fights laws which merely require people to prove that they are who they say they are before casting a ballot. You see, it is much harder to cheat when carded at the polls.

Right now, many states are either implementing or debating their own voter ID requirements, but the most encouraging story comes from Michigan. Michigan is a blue state. It isn’t as Democrat-leaning as other leftist paradises like Massachusetts or California, but it still a difficult state for the Republicans to win. This voter ID law will not turn Michigan into a red state, but it’s shade of blue just got a little lighter.

I’m sure the Democrats won’t mind though. After all, they say they just want fair elections. Right.

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