Attorney General Michael Mukasey

by Ryan on November 9, 2007

in Politics,War on Terror

One of the few things Congress has done since taking over in January happened today when Michael Mukasey’s nomination for Attorney General was passed and accepted by the Senate by a 53-40 vote.  This nomination should have flown through quickly, but the liberal tendency to see the War on Terror as a series of police actions halted the quick nomination process and dwelled over Mukasey’s take on waterboarding.  Despite their Left’s obligatory and transparently pandering position on waterboarding, Mukasey made it through.

I’m generally not for torture, but “advanced interrogation techniques” are a different story.  Loud noise, sensory deprivation, or scaring the be-Jesus out of non-civilian enemy combatants with information we need in a ticking-time-bomb scenario is just fine with me, and I already assumed we did that along with rendition (handing the enemies over to their home country, letting them “question” the enemy while we sit in a different room and are reported to about the results).  Waterboarding does not result in drowning, no skin is intentionally broken, but its psychological effect is profound and quick.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind, sang like a bird after his waterboarding and we received actionable intelligence on open investigations because of it.  Pretty soon, some will think that sitting in an isolated cell will be torture, and there’s no satisfying their tunnel-vision about questioning during the ticking-time-bomb scenario! 

While I don’t think we should waterboard or use rendition on everyone, or even most people, I do believe it needs to be there.  Sometimes the threat of a certain technique yields results, and that deterrent may help us get info in the future without actually having to waterboard anyone.

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