Kaine Able to Discover Fiscal Restraint

by Mike on November 13, 2007

in Culture,Politics

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, one of those Democrats who ran as a moderate only to reveal his true left-wing colors after being elected, finally found a government program to cut.  His target is abstinence-only sex education.

Although Kaine should be encouraged to continue in his newly-acquired desire to reign in government, he probably should have started with something else.  Abstinence is undeniably the most effective means of birth control available.  It only failed once in the history of mankind.  Kaine would have stood on more solid ground if he simply cut funding for all sex education programs based on fiscal concerns and/or the notion that parents are better teachers than government schools on topics such as these.

Unfortunately, that isn’t where Kaine is going.  Liberals see government as the solution to everything, and in Kaine’s worldview, that means sex education as well.  The problem is that he is going to spend taxpayer dollars on the sex education curriculum as designed by Planned Parenthood.  You know, the one where the class motto is “The word of the day is legs.  Everyone go home and spread the word.”

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