Democrat Ambition in Politics, according to O’Bama

by Ryan on November 18, 2007

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This story from the Baltimore Sun’sblog, “The Swamp,” illustrates a few important things about the Democrat primary.  It deals with Barry O’Bama taking a shot at She Who Must Not Be Named, saying that her run for the presidency is the fulfillment of her and her husband’s political ambition from 20 years ago.  Some Clinton biographers even called it “a secret pact of ambition.”  O’Bama said that, “I’m not in this race to fulfill some long-held plan or because it was owed to me.” 

Good one, Barry! 

First, it’s good to see O’Bama justify to those who have given his campaign money that he’s actually going to at least try to compete against SWMNBN.  I love seeing Democrats fight with each other, seeing who can spend other people’s money faster, who can cut-and-run faster, and who can feel most of the people’s pain.

Secondly, his allegation is ostensibly true: after Zippergate it’s hard to see any other scenarios other than that SWMNBN is either a typical emotionally battered woman, a closet lesbian still married to a powerful man for show purposes, and/or ambitious enough to stay in a sham marriage in order to use her spouse’s power, influence and name to shrewdly obtain her goals.  Under any of those scenarios, I’d think she’d do better in a mid-sized law firm in Arkansas getting healthy doses of therapy rather than trying to obtain the presidency during a time of war. 

Thirdly, her campaign responded to O’Bama’s allegation by saying: “This is an odd statement, considering that the number of people who say Senator O’Bama talked about running for president as a youngster seems to grow daily.”  This seems to be her campaign’s modus operandi:  notice how her spokesperson didn’t really address the charge, but immediately attacked the person making the allegation.  While it’s a tactic used by many campaigns, this deflection style was standard operating procedure during the 1990s and was a center-piece of the “politics of personal destruction,” which they accused their opponents of doing, shielding them for when they practiced it themselves.  How I’d loathe having to go back to those days! 

Hat tip to Drudge.  AP photo.

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