The Emerging Iraq

by Ryan on November 26, 2007

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Iraqi leaders from different parties have met and discussed the future.  After deliberations Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gave a speech today outlining the short-term future of their country.  It includes the end of UN mandates, a strategic partnership with the US economically and with a post World War II-style base structure that leaves 50,000 US troops in-country for the foreseeable future for coup security and as a bulwark against external interference (read: Iran).  The timetable for these implementations will be July 2008, when the Surge divisions come back to the US as scheduled.  With America getting special economic incentives and the military playing a remote supporting role, the emerging Iraq is on its way to recovery with America finally reaping some of the benefits (for a change).

A few points are evident in these plans:  the Surge is working but is not complete, stability is encouraging the political process, Iraqis are tired of its seventeen-years of lost or incomplete sovereignty, and America will still be essential to Iraq’s post-war success.  While many here want to give up on America’s role in the region, people in Iraq who have seen the American presence closer than any other nation in the region (barring Israel), still want our presence there.  So, look for the Dems to change the subject to social issues next year as things improve in Iraq.

I like the transitional tone of these proposals.  I like that in the final analysis, if this proposal works and a new relationship is formed, success will have been evident.  If a victory in a post-Cold War world looks like anything, it would look like this: though troops remain in a limited fashion (like Cuba, Korea, Germany, and Japan) in a nation that appreciates our efforts, democracy and capital will eventually flourish as stability and hope return.  

Also, the establishment of an American ally in this part of the world demonstrates to Mideast that there is hope and a way out of their hate and resentment-mongering squalor… if the proposal works, of course, which still needs to be seen.  It’s probably the best proposal that they could come up with and it seems pretty good.

Pic from my brother’s camera during his deployment in Iraq 2005-2006. The “Freedom then Walmart” message is actually appropriate– once security allows political forces to move, the money comes in, the Iraqi people prosper… and buy our stuff!

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TRMarchesano November 26, 2007 at 9:04 pm

Well said my friend! A blogger asked me a few days ago what would winning and losing look like in Iraq. My answer was simple, winning would look like Germany, losing would look like current Pakistan or worse.
This is similar to the path we took with Germany so many years ago. Now they only support us with token troop presences. I still love my German brothers and sisters though.

see ya around…


D. Chai November 28, 2007 at 12:58 pm

You mean freedom to buy Chinese stuff.


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