Dirty Bomb Sale Foiled in Slovakia

by Ryan on November 29, 2007

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A very scary development out of Slovakia today:  Slovak authorities indicated that two Hungarians and a Ukrainian were intercepted trying to sell their weapons-grade uranium powder to undercover investigators.  Early indications are that the uranium was probably from Russia or some former Soviet state.  It wasn’t enough material for a full-fledged nuke (this was only about a pound– you need 55 pounds for a small nuke).  Yet, it is perfect for a highly effective “dirty bomb.”  If you don’t know, a “dirty” bomb is a conventional explosive device that has radiological components which spread throughout the atmosphere upon explosion.  It’ll only immediately destroy the truck or block, but the cloud will be deadly and disperse with the wind, spreading uncontrollably throughout the city or site.  It is a weapon of mass destruction.

What really bothers me is whether or not this is the only instance of bomb-grade material left on the black market.  It most definitely not.   And, since there’s more of this stuff out there, where is it?  Our port security can detect radioactive material, but what if they loaded it onto a truck in Mexico, or had some coyote smuggle it over the border?  We know that this was not the first instance where uranium dealers were trying to smuggle their material out of the former Soviet Republics.  The article outlines many instances over the last decade that should worry most people concerned about Homeland Security.  This incident also demonstrates that despite the Dems best efforts to deflect the seriousness of the War on Terror or the Bush Administration’s failure to secure the borders or enforce nuclear protection treaties with Russia, the threat of dirty bombs and other WMDs is a clear and present danger to the United States.

AP photo.

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