Tax Cuts Equal Illegal Aliens?

by Ryan on December 1, 2007

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At least to Bill Clinton!  This video demonstrates how he is once again completely dishonest with a straight face.  Recently he lied straight-faced about his support/non-support for the Iraq War, now he’s just making things up!  This was just a snippet of a longer speech he gave on behalf of She Who Must Not Be Named. 

Of course, the video was aired and discussed on Fox News, so the Lefties had to spin the whole affair.  In the previous link, they show Neil Cavuto having a Democrat strategist on to question her about Bill’s statements.  The guest was an obnoxious Kool-Aid leftist who tried to change Neil’s focus to benefit what she had to say, not what Neil was asking.   The Lefties tried to spin the piece in their favor by making the Dem strategist a poor victim of the insidious Fox News.

Clinton’s statements were attacking our debt-status, but the dishonest point was that he equated tax cuts to our illegal alien problem.  It’s there on video.  You can complain about our debtor status (a fair critique of the Bush Administration), but to blame tax cuts (which have helped the economy and created wealth) which has led to our current problem is, as Neil continuously said, asinine.  How about 21-years of lacking border or law enforcement through four different administrations as the cause of the problem?  Oh, but that doesn’t put the blame on Dubya. 

Sleaze.  It’s all over this man and his wife. 

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