Tom Tancredo is Out

by Ryan on December 20, 2007

in Politics

Representative Tom Tancredo, realizing that he can’t win, has bowed out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination and has thrown his support to Mitt Romney.  Tancredo was, unfortunately, a one-trick pony: illegal immigration was his mantra and basic Republican ideals were squeezed in to deal with every other issue.  Though he will be gone, his presence will still be felt in the Republican Party, being the only party that wants to get real with illegal aliens.  Tancredo was that standard-bearer.

AP photo.

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Chris December 20, 2007 at 6:22 pm

Note to RP….Tancredo has class for stepping aside. I really do hope that he will inspire the Republican Party to take the issue of illegal aliens seriously. If they wake up and do, they will have a much easier time beating SWMNBN (or whoever gets the nomination on the other side) next November.


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