Huckabee Slipping Up?

by Ryan on December 21, 2007

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Adding more fuel to the fire this week is this from Michelle Malkin’s blog as well as Annie C’s new column regarding the political missteps that Mike Huckabee has made in the last week.  Even Condi handed Huckabee a scathing retort on one of Huckabee’s recent misinformed, liberal-sounding foreign policy pieces.

My advice to Huckabee: start acting like a frontrunner for the Republican Party! 

In the last few weeks you’ve become a phenomenon in the press because they need a front-tier candidate to trash in the primaries instead of She Who Must Not Be Named and you give the MSM ample fodder, especially if you start winning states.  But, while you hold true to your support of the Ten Commandments, you have sufficiently violated Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandmentthou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.  The Mormon remark and the hit on Limbaugh from his people are just two recent examples: the attack wasn’t on substance, rather it was personal and inappropriate.  It is also kind of strange for a candidate who swelled into the lead to attack his opponents in such a way.

Before anyone knew who Huckabee was, he seemed like a very amiable, conservative Republican.  Over the last few weeks, however, he’s burned the bridges with Romney and Giuliani, alienated the not-as-churchy conservative base with his liberal tax policies, ostensibly alienated Rush Limbaugh (and many of his millions of conservative listeners) from his big tent, attacked Bush’s foreign policy which offends the party people, being so out of step with conservatives on illegal alien college tuition, etc. 

Yet, he’s still polling well.  I’m just baffled at Huckabee’s behavior and statements recently, especially since his recent fronterunner status materialized.

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