Sal’s Endorsement: Mitt Romney

by Sal on January 3, 2008

in Politics

I have been struggling with who to support in race for the Republican Nomination for some months now.  It is only in sitting down to write this post that I actually made up my mind (in fact, the original headline I had written for this post was “Sal:  Undecided”).  However, as I was writing and thinking about the various candidates, I made the decision to support Mitt Romney.  The decision did not come easily, and I still have reservations, but it is who I think will most help advance the Conservative movement over the next decade. 

Romney is not the perfect candidate.  On policy, he has done some things I am troubled by (the health-care mess in MA that I am now living under), and his consistency worries me.  However, he is running on conservative ideas on the major issues such as the war, abortion, taxes, and spending  While I may be more aligned on issues with one or two other candidates, two things draw me specifically to endorse Romney.  First, his ability to communicate is the best in a presidential candidate we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.  True, Romney is far from Reagan’s ability to speak, but he uses the bully pulpit well.  After 8 years of George W. Bush, who was not the best communicator, we need a spokesman for the Conservative vision of the world.  His speech on religious freedom and the American vision showcased this ability to speak as a leader and visionary. 

While Governor of my state of residence, he fought the Democrat-controlled legislature and won many a victory.  His ability to take unpopular decisions and force the Democrat-dominated legislature to adapt them (or at least some portion) is encouraging.  Overall, while not the ideal candidate, Mitt is Conservative enough on most major issues while at the same time being extremely electable and the best shot at defeating SWMNBN without compromising core principles. 

 On the other candidates: 

  •  Fred Thompson:  I really like him.  He is definitely runner-up to Romney.  My biggest reservation with Thompson is that I don’t feel he has been able to effectively communicate Conservatism as well as I think he can.  I saw him on Fox News Sunday a few weeks ago, and he struggled to explain some conservative principles on Abortion, SCHIP, and other issues.  If he could prove me wrong and go out there with all guns blazing, I would reconsider my support for Romney.  By far the closest to me in ideology, his non-ability to inspire me and the possibility that he can’t beat SWMNBN causes me to very reluctantly pass him by for my endorsement. 
  • John McCain:  He has taken us for granted, beat up on us too many times, and doesn’t support free speech.  He also, however, is a big pork buster (which we need), extremely strong on Iraq and national defense, and he doesn’t support killing babies.  In an interesting discussion I had with Mike, he posed the scenario of Mitt losing both Iowa and New Hampshire, with Fred coming in fourth, and the race being down to Huckabee, McCain, and Giuliani.  In that case, and in that case only, I would back McCain. 
  • Mike Huckabee:  I actually liked him at first.  The more I learned about him, however, the more I came to realize that he is a liberal in conservative clothing.  Huckabee actually posed and passed more tax increases in Arkansas in his 10 years as governor than Bill Clinton did in his 12. 
  • Rudy Giuliani:  Ditto the sentiments of Mike and Ryan. 
  • Duncan Hunter:  Great conservative, but no chance in hell.  Potential VP? 
  • Ron Paul:  Great on domestic issues and the right to life, but his isolationist foreign policy would be disastrous. 

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Carl January 23, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Mitt Romney for president?


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