Bush Visits the Troops

by Ryan on January 12, 2008

in Politics,The Iraq Front,War on Terror

Here’s a progress report which I occasionally to give on the Iraq War and the situation in the Mideast.  The MSM doesn’t tend to cover the good news, as it helps Republicans, and the Administration barely does so either.  So…

President Bush gave a pep talk to the troops today in Kuwait as part of his Middle East tour this week.  He praised the Surge, the progress in Iraq, as well as the performance of the troops.  This is President Bush at his best and most historic:  he rallied the troops, praised Bahrain for democratic elections, and made shots at Iran’s proxy war against the United States in the region, including Iran’s funding and supplying weapons to insurgents and al Qaeda in Iraq.  Nonetheless 9 of 18 Iraqi provinces are under the control of Iraqis and more progress is being made every day, despite the occasional attack by the increasingly desperate violent factions.

AP photo.

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