South Carolina Part II: the Dems Roll In

by Ryan on January 26, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

South Carolina is another important moment in this election campaign.  This time the Dems have a decision to make:  is O’Bama’s “fairy tale*” going to end or is She Who Must Not Be Named going to get one step closer to her coronation?

Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris assumes that BJ wants an O’Bama win in SC to make it seem as if only blacks will vote for Barry, thereby pushing the white vote to SWMNBN.  Notice how hard O’Bama tries to keep race out of this battle, but BJ and the MSM are playing that card openly in this contest to add another front in their “Uncivil War.”

I put nothing beneath the Clintons.

In the end I want to see O’Bama win just to stick it to SWMNBN and cut that thread of inevitability down a little more.

AP photo.

*In truth, BJ’s “fairy tale” comment was about the consistency of O’Bama’s Iraq War position, but the Clinton’s have been down-playing expectations and writing-off South Carolina (the first in the South primary, which John Edwards won in 2004) because they are probably going to lose!

UPDATE: O’Bama romp 55-27-18%!

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