An Uncivil “Train Wreck”

by Ryan on February 8, 2008

in Election 2008,Media Bias,Politics

Apparently, McCain’s success in all but wrapping up the Republican nomination has put serious pressure on the Dems to handle this nomination thing, freaking some of them out.  Apparatchik and She Who Must Not Be Named shill Florida Senator Bill Nelson is warning of a “train wreck” at the DNC this summer if a nominee is uncertain by that point. 

The problem the Dems have which the Republicans don’t is the issue of the “super-delegates” and who they will support.  There may be a scenario where one wins the pledged delegates, but doesn’t get the “super-delegates.”  How very undemocratic.  I believe that those “super-delegates” owe too much to SWMNBN and her husband to snub them when the rubber hits the road (pun intended).

Once Smeagol has assuaged Conservative anger by promising he’ll do things which he probably won’t actually do, the fractures in the Democrat Party will be the big story.  O’Bama, SWMNBN, and the DNC will be attacking McCain, but the real story that the MSM is getting ready to miss is the turmoil amongst the Democrat base.  The pandering Leftist dribble and the potential for great ads will flourish over the next few months unless someone breaks out. 

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