The McCain Affair

by Ryan on February 21, 2008

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We all knew that the New York Slimes was going to run a hit piece on John McCain now that it’s certain he’ll be the Republican nominee for President.  That’s obvious.

What gets me is how absolutely sloppy the Slimes’ editorial staff was in actually printing this story.  It’s “anonymous” sources full of unnamed “top aides” about allegations that go back to the 1990s about an apparent unsavory “relationship” with a lobbyist makes my head spin!  To the Slimes, even the “appearance of a close bond with a lobbyist” is enough to call him a hypocrite in 2008 and print partisan gossip rather than real facts in a blatant attempt at character assassination. 

The Slimes has had no credibility with me, even before their hyperventilation over Abu Graib back in ’04.  Yet the McCain Affair as I see it is not about whether or not John McCain had an unsubstantiated illicit relationship (which, unlike BJ in the 1990s, has denials on both sides), it’s about how absolutely sloppy and ridiculous the Slimes was in even printing a story like this!  That’s the issue.

Of course, we know that the Slimes shills for the Dems, so it’s not surprising that this pseudo-story shows up the same day as the big Democrat debate in Austin tonight.  This debate was supposed to be She Who Must Not Be Named’s last stand to make her case, which is sure to be vile and mean-looking next to the hopeful and change-oriented leader of the O’Bama-Nation. 

But who’s talking about the debate?  It’s all about McCain today.  Perhaps the Slimes achieved its goal: no one cares about the debate so a shrill-sounding SWMNBN or a faltering O’Bama will go unnoticed in the MSM as this virtually made-up story continues to grow.  A little conspiratorial?  Perhaps, but I don’t put anything past these people.

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Chris February 22, 2008 at 11:26 am

I was not surprised that the Slimes put this out there (frankly if it weren’t for the New Republic, they would have had the temerity to hold this until October)…the article is very shady, but it proves to Conservatives that no matter how you try to court the Drive-by media, they will still be agenda-driven and stab you in the back if you are against them on their key issues.

McCain may actually win some points with Conservatives and this news will end up helping more than hurting him.


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