A Tale of Two Book Reviews

by Mike on April 3, 2008

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Most people always have a list of books they want to read. When we finally get around to actually reading a book on our lists, one of three things happens: (1) the book is about what we expected, (2) the book is even better than we expected, or (3) the book fails to meet expectations. None of these situations are usually surprising because most intelligent people realize that it is impossible to know what is between a books covers until you read it.

While most people understand this concept, the same cannot be said of non-New York liberal Bill Cope. Not only does Cope think it is possible to know what is in a book he hasn’t read, he also thinks it’s possible to write an intelligent review of a book despite the fact that he hasn’t read it.

And that is the point of this post. Let’s compare and contrast. This is Ann Coulter’s review of “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama, a book she read before writing her review. This is Cope’s review of “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg, a book he never read but decided to review anyway.

Hat tips: The Corner, On Tap

ETA:  Coulter fans will get the “non-New York liberal” reference.

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Ryan April 4, 2008 at 3:29 pm

It takes Cope about four paragraphs of his “book review” to admit that he didn’t actually read the book, only critques of the book.

The entire “review” is just a juvenile liberal rant from someone who probably still pats himself on the back for using big words and is probably cheered and egged on by his peers at posh late-night dinner parties — much the same phenomenon that guided Sandra Day O’Connor’s judicial philosophy.

Annie C’s review was clever, formulated from someone who actually read the book, and hits Obama where it hurts — using his own words against him. Even though Cope tries the same tactic, he falls short, mainly, because he didn’t actually read Goldberg book.

Annie C 1
Cope 0


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