The Candidates on American Idol

by Ryan on April 13, 2008

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Last week, American Idol decided to give back to the community by using their press and viewership to spearhead a volunteer drive called “Idol Gives Back.” Great idea! But, being an election year, American Idol decided to get the three remaining candidates to say a few things about the effort.

See for yourself how She Who Must Not Be Named, John McCain, and Obama did:

My take, in sum:

SWMNBN: support these groups because I’ve worked with them too, and it’s me who’s really the awesomest.

McCain: we all can help, but while I’m here, let me poke at the election for a sec.

Obama: (the only one who got an audible applause by the way) you plebs can help too! Hope! Hope! Hope!

Disclaimer: No “Jesus”‘s were omitted in this broadcast

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