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by Ryan on May 9, 2008

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A little upset at the prospect of a President McCain not living up to conservative expectations (or worse, a President Obama targeting capitalism harder than the jihadists), I thankfully found this link from the Heritage Foundation called “What Would Reagan Do?”  It has clips of President Reagan’s most important speeches.  How refreshing and relevant Reagan still is today!

Sure, we’re not battling double-digit inflation, the Soviet Union, or the obscene growth of government nowadays, but Reaganism reminds us that we should keep this nation capitalist, we should defeat the radical jihadists who threaten our way of life, and that we should worry about the growth of government at the expense of individual liberty.

Some have suggested that Republicans and Conservatives “let go” and get over Reagan.  However, the legacy of President Reagan is not that he was saying anything new, but he was reaffirming principles what we, as Americans, have running through our bloodstream: an optimistic, can-do spirit that played to our better angels in confronting our tasks with a clear mind and determination.  He spoke of principles, ideals and pathways, not gloom, doom, and defeat.

In 2008 I believe that America would embrace that message and a conservative candidate that is willing to tackle the challenges of today’s world with a little dose of that can-do spirit with the government getting out of the way.  We’re not looking for Ronald Reagan, just a politician ready to meet today’s challenges with Reagan’s time-tested measures and principles.  Is that really so hard for our politicians to embrace?

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