Obama and Democrats Redefine Dialogue

by Mike on May 19, 2008

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Barack Obama and the Democrats love to talk about how they look forward to debating John McCain and highlighting the differences between the two parties. The trouble is, the only kind debate the Democrats are interested in is the kind where they make their case and their Republicans aren’t allowed to respond.

We saw this a few days ago when President Bush invoked history’s lesson that appeasing evil is folly. Rather than defending the presumptive Democrat nominee Barack Obama’s policy of doing just that, Democrats responded by attempting to prevent Republicans from criticizing Obama’s thoughts on the subject ever again.

What this demonstrated was that despite their claims to the contrary, Democrats can’t debate their proposals, that is at least if debate involves a give and take. As this brief transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show makes clear, the spat of Bush’s Knesset speech was the first time and certainly won’t be the last time that Obama tries to force his unique definition of the word “debate” on the upcoming campaign. According to the Democrats, they can slander the current President, lie about McCain’s “100 years” comment, dismiss grandma as just a “typical white person,” and attack people for clinging to their religion that doesn’t involve a pastor damning America and “rich white people.” We just can’t respond, because apparently that is what crosses the line.

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Ryan May 20, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Very true.

Obama just made another gaffe today when he called our current enemies not nearly as dangerous as the Soviet Union, with whom JFK and Reagan met. Not only did Obama’s poor historical analogies make me want to puke, but was the Taliban as dangerous as the Soviet Union? How about al Qaeda? Obama doesn’t understand history or the current state of affairs on this planet and no one in the MSM will call him on it!

Plus taking his words “out of context” seems to be the new Obama m.o. when trying to get out of verbal gaffes.


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