McClellan’s New Book

by Ryan on May 28, 2008

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Former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan has written a book that apparently says nothing new about the Bush Administration:  Plame?  Been there (Richard Armitage, folks).  The Rove-Libby-Cheney Triumvirate of Evil?  Done That.  The government response to Katrina had flaws?  Yawn.  Bush actually at one point tried to sell his Iraq policy to the people?  I’m shocked!  It’s early readers indicate many issues and points that may have been packaged to make a headline, or taken out of context. 

My take on their leaks are that the book is mostly a regurgitation of old news.  However, that’s not going to stop Bush’s enemies from bringing up the same old arguments to smack Dubya one last time on every old argument during this election cycle!  Democrat hack, Robert Wexler, wants to call McClellan in front of a House Judiciary Committee to attempt to connect corruption to Cheney — Wexler, who has been wanting to impeach Cheney for quite a while now.

I always thought Scott McClellan was a wimp that should have been replaced by Tony Snow much earlier.  Ari Fleischer was a great White House Press Secretary who could handle Helen Thomas and treated dumb questions with appropriate condescension.  In contrast, McClellan always seemed like a deer in the headlights during a critical time in our history and I was glad when he was replaced.  Ari Fleischer also is “scratching his head” over the book, since the Scott McClellan he knew would have voiced these concerns at least in private. 

Making a buck off his old boss seems to be McClellan’s m.o.  I agree with Karl Rove on this one: thus far, McClellan is starting to sound “like a left-wing blogger.”

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Mike May 28, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Scott McClellan is a pathetic person who desperately wants someone, anyone to love him.

The left never liked McClellan because he was associated with President Bush. The right never liked McClellan because he was the most ineffective press secretary in the history of the Republic. He was repeatedly outwitted by the dim-witted Helen Thomas. He showed less testicular fortitude than David Gregory of all people. Heck, he was the press secretary who stood by and allowed his boss to be blamed for a hurricane.

Unable to win the affection of anyone, McClellan simply fell back on the only thing guaranteed to win the affection of someone, Bush bashing. Sure, the affection you win by doing that comes from leftist scum, but in McClellan’s eyes, it’s better than nothing. I’d rather have nothing, but to each his own.


Chris May 29, 2008 at 7:10 am

McClellan’s a total sellout. Funny how the libs forget that he has more footprints of the White House Press Corps on him than are on my doormat.

Yesterday, Rush spoke about the “I want to be liked Washington Culture” and McClellan totally fits the profile of the insecure, wishy-washy Republicans who allow their principles and values to cave in under the glare of the Georgetown glitterati and the glossy style section of the Washington Compost. They become nothing more than being a ‘liberal’s useful idiot.’


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